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Coeval is a product line born from over 50 years of combined experience of producing quality handmade furniture. Presenting design aspects that have worked over time combined with the quality this knowledge brings. Designed and built in Melbourne by Dewhurst Furniture, Coeval is a truly local Australian product.

The Coeval Collection is Australian made solid timber furniture with a 10 year warranty. With plenty of design options, our quality handmade furniture can be adapted to complement any environment.

Using ethically harvested materials we source timbers and fabrics from around the world and bring them together to construct beautiful furniture.

As each individual piece is made at the time of order adaptation is common and can make the difference when it comes to the right proportions for your space. We are more than happy work through commercial or domestic project with you.




Constructing furniture out of ethical and sustainable resources is the highest priority at Coeval. All timbers are covered by an international certificate of sustainability and at every point possible we choose the natural option as long as it does not shorten the life of the furniture as we believe our pieces should never end up in land fill.
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