Did you know that every kilogram of American hardwood stores the equivalent of 1.835 kilograms of CO2? So why would we want to live in a disposable society when we can create beautiful products that help the environment? Coeval intends to create pieces that last a lifetime and therefore store CO2 in a safe practical manner.

Coeval uses American hardwood timbers not only for their beauty but for the sustainable forestry practices the timber is harvested through.  The timbers we work with come with a Certificate of Sustainability, which means we can rest easy knowing we are doing right by the environment. For more great information on American hardwoods take a look at www.americanhardwood.org/sustainability/responsible-sourcing/

Coeval is conscious of the effects our decisions today have on the world tomorrow so we are continually trying to reduce our footprint on the environment. We buy sustainable sources of raw material where possible, and constantly review waste minimization and recycling and reduction of production energy.

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