Design and construction imageWhen we design a Coeval piece we create beautiful unique furniture that lasts a lifetime. The first step in our design process is to look back through history to find successful furniture designs and techniques. We then draw on our 100 years of experience in local handcrafted techniques to incorporate quality and durability into the design. The final step is to put our unique Coeval flair to the piece.


All Coeval furniture is constructed with quality and durability in mind. At every point possible we use sustainable practices, but not at the expense of the durability of our furniture. There is no point taking the environmentally friendly option now if it means that our pieces are going to become landfill in the near future.

All of our hand-selected solid timber is from sustainably harvested sources and the steel is made in Australia. We use polyurethane glue and 2-Pac acrylic polyurethane scratch resistant polish with a matt finish which is imported from Italy.

We believe in using local handcrafted techniques, the same as we have used for over 100 years. Keeping manufacturing in Australia is always a challenge but we believe it is a worthwhile one and you know exactly where your furniture comes from.